Launching our Partner Program

Launching our Partner Program

We're launching our Partner Program

An opportunity for BugKit to create an amazing product with some companies and individuals that are providing us with feedback.

What is the Partner Program?

Our Early Access program is a low cost, fixed subscription that allows our customers to give us direct feedback and to discuss existing problems they have. Our current partners range from individuals who are building a prototype, to businesses that are serving thousands of users - truly allowing us to shape our product into something that is accessible and most of all - useful. We don't believe we can create a great product without thoroughly understanding the problems that a majority of our customers will be facing. Our early access program allows us to hand-pick who we work with to better understand the market.

Can I be a Partner?

We are very selective at this time but we're planning on opening the doors as the product progresses. When a feature becomes available, we'll take a look at the applications and bring more customers into the program. We'll soon look to launch the feature into general availability as soon as we think it is in the right place. If you're interested in helping us create a product that will solve your problems, reach out to through our Contact page.

Can I still Subscribe?

You can still subscribe and use our product. Our partner program is exclusively for businesses and individuals that can help us build upcoming features. It's a mutually beneficial program that saves our partners money whilst giving everybody a better product.

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