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We want users and businesses to connect and understand one another without a complicated process.

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We want to make users happy across all forms of media and to help companies build better software.
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Our Leaders

Joey Clover
Chief Executive Officer
A software developer who's taken the dive into the world of executive management. Helping BugKit stay aligned.
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Oliver Tuck
Chief Technology Officer
An experienced technology professional with extensive expertise across multiple channels. Helping BugKit create the best solutions.
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Rakesh Aryasom
Chief Operations Officer
A veteran with regards to operations and scaling businesses, Helping BugKit level up our offering and truly innovate.
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The Story

BugKit was founded out of frustration. The founding team had all identified the same problem - manual regression testing and aggregating bug reports were wasting a tremendous amount of time. We started by throwing together a small tool that would help us solve the problems inside our companies. The transition was stunning - developers were no longer chasing the QA team for more details in a ticket. Project managers no longer had to search through our work chat to find issues that somebody had previously mentioned.

We turned that tool into a suite of tools across multiple platforms and started offering it to other businesses. We're glad to say that our customers love the product - and we do too! We've got a hell of a story to come.

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