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We provide easy-to-integrate reporting tools for web apps, mobile apps and games that integrate directly into your workflow 🚀

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Move faster and save hours a week.

Increase Productivity

Project managers and developers spend a lot of time aggregating, prioritising and creating tickets for reports.

Reproduce Issues

When users report issues within your product, there's usually no context-sensitive information alongside it. We provide everything you need.

Integrate Seamlessly

Whether you use Jira, ClickUp, ShortCut or any of the many providers of workflow tools - we're creating integrations all the time.


It's your brand, not ours. Show off your colours, enable dark mode or hide our widget until you choose to show it. Collect reports your way.

Plugin Ecosystem

If we don't have your favourite workflow integration, we can build it - or you can! We have a marketplace of plugins and you can add to it.

Triage Reports

You might not want the reports to go directly to your board, so we give you the option to triage them first. We do things your way.

Discover Devices

We don't only give you steps to reproduce, we give you plenty of details about the device and browser used.

Connect with Users

We also enable you to also connect with customers and automatically respond to them when you have attended to a report.

“BugKit allows us to spend time building our platform, instead of hunting down issues in Slack.”
Gary Paluk
Gary Paluk
CEO at

View reports in more detail than ever

Our dashboard comes with a state of the art report viewer, allowing you to see the network activity, console logs and events that a user took in the last 60 seconds before making the report.

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You don't even have to know we're there

BugKit collects your user reports and sends them to your favourite workflow tools, creating tickets that contain all the data you need to resolve the problems. You can choose use our dedicated viewer if you want a better experience.

One less tab open on your browser
Seamless integration
Tickets rich in detail

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